Max-Emil Mohn King

Dept. of Economics, BI Norwegian Business School, 0442 Oslo

email:, tel: (+47) 46488167


PhD Candidate in Economics

I am a fourth-year PhD student in Economics at BI Norwegian Business School. My work studies questions like “how are the political careers of women, vis-à-vis men's, affected by parenthood?”, and “do meeting times matter for political representation?”

In Fall 2024, I will join the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research as a Research Fellow.

Before academia, I spent ten years leading hundreds of talented young adults through what was for many their first job experience in Norway's largest amusement park. I also went to flight school, and made some extra spending money as a simulator pilot for air traffic controllers in training on the side.

I earned my MSc in Business degree at my current institution in 2020.

Main supervisor: Jon H. Fiva

Co-supervisor: Ingrid Huitfeldt